Why is GigaGlide better than wax? What’s the difference?

  • glides faster than wax, even more so after a couple of days of skiing
  • works in difficult weather conditions
  • GigaGlide can be applied onto both waxed and unwaxed equipment, whether you are using your own pair or rental skis and snowboards
  • GigaGlide contains no toxic ingredients and is biodegradable
  • super easy application - no tools required

Okay, so there’s no wax in it, but what IS in it?

  • As much as we’d like to share, we can’t - since it’s a secret formula*. We promise it works, though. ;)
    *Patent pending!

How long is the shelf-life?

  • at least 1 year

Does one bottle really last an entire season of skiing/snowboarding?

  • If you don’t have a family of 10 with a season-pass for the entire alpine region: Yes - even longer. The shelf life is, even with an opened bottle, at least one year.

GigaGlide seems too good to be true. Where’s the catch?

  • Nope. No catch. Promise.

But what does it cost?

  • PRO 50 ml stick with foam-applicator for 39,90€
  • PRO 100 ml stick with foam-applicator for 69,90€
  • TOUR 35 ml aluminium bottle with spray-applicator for 24,90€

all prices incl. taxes