Die innovative Skiwachs-Alternative

The Reichmann GLIDE MASTER was specially developed for the efficient application of GIGAGLIDE. GIGAGLIDE is a biodegradable ski wax alternative for all types of skis and snowboards. With the GLIDE MASTER, GIGAGLIDE can be effortlessly applied to the ski base within seconds. The application is extremely comfortable, since no heating or brushing is necessary in comparison to waxing. With just one order, your customers can enjoy up to seven days of fun on the slopes and benefit from optimal gliding properties even in extreme snow conditions.

Save time and money thanks to the long shelf life and quick application and protect the environment at the same time!

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Using two rollers arranged one behind the other, the quick lubricant is distributed evenly on the ski and excess liquid is wiped off at the same time. That way, just the right amount stays on the ski base.

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To work


The GLIDE MASTER does not require electricity or other accessories. Since there is no dust, heat or fumes, working is safe, clean and environmentally friendly. At the end of the day, the rest of the quick lubricant can simply be drained off using the integrated tap.

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The GIDE MASTER as a table model is extremely flexible and space-saving. The application device can also be used flexibly in sales rooms or on the go. Alternatively, the GLIDE MASTER is available with a practical stand that offers space for a GigaGlide refill canister.

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The innovative quick lubricant from GigaGlide dispenses 100 percent with environmentally harmful ingredients. The special formula not only works on the surface, but penetrates into the base and thus creates a water-repellent effect. With this, GigaGlide achieves optimal gliding properties for up to seven days on the slopes, even on ice and wet snow. The effect has already been tested several times and proven by the Snow, Ski and Alpine Sports Research Center FS²A in Innsbruck.

Trust in the environmentally friendly ski wax alternative!

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What is GigaGlide made of?

GigaGlide is a gliding fluid with a patent-pending special formulation. It is made of eco-friendly ingredients that are biodegradable.

What do I have to consider when storing GigaGlide SERVICE?

Protect your GigaGlide Service can from frost in winter. You should not pour used quick lubricant from the GLIDE MASTER tub back into the original canister. Please keep the used GigaGlide Service in a separate container. This is how you maintain the quality and protect the GigaGlide service from contamination.

What temperatures is GigaGlide suitable for?

GigaGlide is suitable for all temperature ranges and also works on difficult surfaces and under extreme weather conditions.

Are GigaGlide and the Wax Future Wall Speed compatible?

The ski coated with GigaGlide can then be inserted into the Wax Future. However, there are no noticeable differences.

How does the effect of GigaGlide compare to paraffins on the ski?

The tests carried out by the research center F2SA Innsbruck showed that after a short break-in period, the skis treated with GigaGlide exhibited less friction compared to paraffin skis. The reason for this is that the ski base treated with GigaGlide absorbs fewer dirt particles. Therefore, in contrast to waxed skis, the gliding ability is getting better and better because wax, in contrast to GigaGlide, loses gliding ability.

GLIDE MASTER applicator

Technical specifications

Dimensions table model (L x W x H) in mm 185 x 275 x 110

Dimensions with machine stand (L x W x H) in mm 400 x 300 x 865

max. Skibreite in mm 160

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