GigaGlide Cross Country

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€39.90 EUR

Cross-country skiing has never been as time and money saving as with GigaGlide Cross Country and cross-country skiing has never been a greater experience. For both amateurs and performance-oriented cross-country skiers - with better gliding properties and less effort.

product properties

  • For all types of snow and temperatures
  • Glides faster than traditional wax
  • no ironing, no brushing – clean work
  • Completely replaces wax
  • Environmentally friendly
  • dirt-repellent
  • Not suitable for touring skis
  • 12 hours exposure time, very long shelf life (exact information is not possible here due to the changing conditions) 
  • 5 minutes of exposure time on a dry ski surface lasts at least 1 day of cross-country skiing (depending on the conditions)
  • Enough for at least 40 pairs of cross-country skis or skating skis

Driving characteristics

  • GG works in the surface and must first be “activated”
    –> depending on the product and (snow) temperature, GG requires a few hundred meters ('frictional heat') after exposure until the gliding effect occurs (can be optimized with a cotton cloth)



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