GigaGlide Cross Country

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$36.00 USD

Cross-country skiing has never been so time and money-saving as with GigaGlide Cross Country and cross-country skiing has never been a greater experience. Both for amateurs and for performance-oriented cross-country skiers - with better gliding properties and less effort.


  • For all types of snow and temperatures
  • Faster glide than conventional wax
  • no ironing, no brushing - clean work
  • Completely replaces wax
  • Biodegradable
  • Dirt repellent


  • In order to achieve the best possible penetration depth with GigaGlide CROSS COUNTRY, remove the old wax
  • Wet the entire surface evenly with the integrated sponge
  • Not suitable for alpine and touring skis
  • Note the exposure time


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