GigaGlide Race - 50ml

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Down the slopes even faster! GIGAGLIDE RACE is THE performer among ski coatings and makes every slope an even faster experience for speed junkies at high speeds. Try it out and be impressed.

GIGAGLIDE Race delivers even better performance, especially at high and very high speeds!

  • Dirt-repellent in contrast to wax
  • Quick and super easy to use - just like cleaning your shoes!
  • Completely replaces wax
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Suitable for all skis and snowboards (except touring skis and splitboards)
  • Extremely long shelf life
  • Giga-Glide Performance!
  • 12 hours of exposure lasts 5-10 days on the slopes (depending on snow and temperature)
  • 5 minutes of exposure time on a dry ski surface lasts at least 1 day on the slopes
  • 50 ml is enough for at least 20 pairs of alpine skis

    Driving characteristics

    • GG works in the surface and must first be “activated”
      –> depending on the product and (snow) temperature, GG requires a few hundred meters ('frictional heat') after exposure until the gliding effect occurs (can be optimized with a cotton cloth)

    • From a certain speed - around 20-25kmh - the GG Race Performance takes effect - in general: the faster you are on the move, the higher the GG Race effect




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