GigaGlide TOUR

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€39.90 EUR

Fur down, GigaGlide TOUR up! Anyone who has already been on TOUR with GigaGlide knows the difference. More fun, less effort – also suitable for extreme athletes and splitboards. GigaGlide TOUR is the perfect support on the mountain and on the descent after the climb.

  • Apply again during the tour/at the summit before the descent for maximum touring/skiing fun
  • The fur is easier to remove at the summit
  • Dirt-repellent in contrast to wax
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Completely replaces wax
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Of course also suitable for splitboards
  • 12 hours of exposure lasts at least 7 days on the slopes 
  • 5 minutes of exposure lasts at least 1 day on the slopes
  • 50 ml is enough for at least 20 pairs of touring skis


  • To achieve the best possible penetration depth with GigaGlide TOUR, remove the old wax
  • Wet the entire surface evenly with the integrated sponge
  • Pay attention to the exposure time



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