GigaGlide TOUR

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$36.00 USD

Skin down, GigaGlide TOUR up! Anyone who has already been on TOUR with GigaGlide knows the difference. More fun, less effort - also suitable for extreme athletes and splitboards. GigaGlide TOUR is the perfect support on the mountain and on the descent after the ascent.

Furs OFF - GigaGlide TOUR ON - GO!

  • Reapply on top of the mountain - for max touring fun!
  • Furs are easily removed.
  • Dirt-resistant, unlike wax
  • For the extreme fans: Directly sprayed on top of your furs heightens the gliding aspect of your furs walking uphill!
  • Quick and easy application and use
  • Completely replaces wax
  • Biodegradable
  • also use on your splitboards!


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